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H. Freeman Associates has a rich history of service to over 150 clients domestically and internationally.  Unlike many consulting firms that rely heavily on short-term relationships, 85% our clients have entered multiple contracts with our firm and, currently, over half of our clients have worked with H. Freeman Associates for ten or more years.

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Consultation and Training

In addition to our on-going consultations with established clients, we frequently work with clients on short-term contracts ranging from a one-day consultation (such as an intensive day of training at a board or staff retreat)  to a year-long contract that involves a series of on-site visits or regularly scheduled videoconferencing (often a preferred option for international clients).

All contracts—whether for one-day of training or a multi-faceted set of services provided over a series of months—are designed specifically around the needs of each client.  Areas of expertise provided as part of a contract often include one or more of the following:  major gift identification, board training and development; staff mentoring and training; pre-campaign planning; development office assessments; leadership development and executive coaching

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“When White’s began working with Henry Freeman in 1994 we had no fundraising program in place and no ‘donor base’ to start with—not even an annual appeal letter.

Four campaigns later (including construction of a new administration building, renovation of White’s chapel, and most recently construction of our new 34,000 sq.ft. Student and Family Life Center) and sixteen years later, we are at a very different place. Not only do we now have a development office raising funds to support our work, but we also have a greatly improved campus for our students and staff.”

Dee Gibson

CEO, White’s Residential and Family Services

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